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Theatre Stage

"Clark is in good company with Rozlyn Sorrell, who shines thanks to her powerhouse voice and knack for making her character's obstinance seem endearing. Their chemistry onstage is strong and intimate, often making viewers feel as though they're simply sneaking glimpses at private moments the women share." - Susie Potter - Triangle Theater Review

"You could call this show a star vehicle for Sorrell, whose rich, unaccompanied voice deserves a full house on its own. But mainly, Black Pearl Sings is a vehicle for the music, a human gallery of songs of warning, lamentation, desire and praise: stations we all come to, sooner or later." - Byron Woods - Independent Weekly 

"Pearl is Played by Rozlyn Sorrell, whose acting skills are keen. There is great mischief in her ironic delivery, and powerful strains in her serious delivery. Her singing of this music is velvety rich, deep, soaring. She is such a great pleasure to watch and listen to." - Martha Keravuori and Chuck Galle - BOOM Magazine 

"Pearl, embodied by Sorrell, is a prisoner in a Texas prison having served ten years of a sentence imposed for murder... If you are an agnostic, please go see this. If you're Protestant or Catholic or Jewish, please go see this show. If you are a musician, please go see this show. If your soul needs a boost, please go see this show. If you have never visited the Temple Theatre, please go see this show. If you are a supporting member of the Theatre, please go see this show. No one will leave the theater after the final "Amens" thinking or believing quite the same as before Black Pearl sings." - VICKI HOGAN - Sanford Herald 

"Sorrell, Rogers, and Callender masterfully recreated the bonds,as well as the schisms, that rule this triangle. To see the three interrelate, showing both the deep divides and the bridges they have built to span them, was a treat for the theatergoer. Sorrell, especially, handled this dichotomy extremely well: her portrayal of disappointment at Callender's acts, as well as the pride she feels at the play's end, were truly sublimely handled." - Alan R. Hall - CVNC

ruinedPhoto2 "Gripping ‘RUINED’ exposes horror of world’s rape capital. Rozlyn Sorrell heads the cast of 12 with her sassy, sharp-witted Mama, allowing the character’s caring heart to shine through as she tries to help Sophie have a better life." Roy C. Dicks - News and Observer 

NOBlackNativityPhoto"RUINED Brings Africa to the Triangle: The ensemble cast, led by Rozlyn Sorrell as Mama Nadi, brings the play to life. Sorrell is well cast as the matriarch of the show, and shows range as an actress, bringing out comedic moments from the serious material." - Larisa Mount - Broadway World 

The Parchman Hour - Sorrell also won Independent Weekly’s Best Musical Director for this production at Playmaker’s Repertory Theatre in 2011



  • Nightmare on Elm Street 3                    
  • Diplomatic Immunity
  • Matlock
  • General Hospital
  • Al Jarreau - So Good

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