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Vocal Coach


Rozlyn's performance experiences range from work in musical theater, drama, film, television and commercials to recording and performing with renowned artists such as Barbra Streisand and the late Whitney Houston as well as the North Carolina and Durham Symphonies.

She has been successful in helping many students develop a myriad of skills including, but not limited to improved breath control, increased vocal range, correcting challenges associated with pitch, vocal placement to accommodate various genres of music and bridging the vocal break. Many have gone on to win titles in pageants, recording deals and earn music scholarships to universities.

Instruction includes performance coaching and the development of musical interpretation through phrasing and dynamics. It is important to understand the anatomy of the vocal mechanism and the unique technique that is used assists the student in applying this knowledge, along with visual imagery to produce the proper tone for the style and genre of musical interest.

For more information and answers to the most frequently asked questions, visit the policy section of If your questions have not been answered, please email questions through the site so that they may be addressed. We look forward to hearing from you and providing you with excellent service and improving your vocal prowess.


The progress that I have made with Ms .Sorrell as my teacher far exceeds any expectations I had. Not only did I grow as a musician, I grow as a person. She customized my lessons to fit my skill level, while at the same time providing challenges to keep me on my toes and geared in the right direction of my goals.I have so much respect for Rozlyn Sorrell for her many qualities and teaching abilities...she is a very positive and encouraging teacher who is able to motivate and support her students. Rozlyn is not just a teacher, but a friend. - K.Rencher

If I sang for extended periods of time, I began to suffer from a sore throat the following day. Through the various exercise and techniques Rozlyn has shared, I've eliminated the strain. She's worked with me on projection and the importance of correct annunciation of consonants and vowels. The three-month commitment was essential for me to really again insight into where i stood and what I needed to improve. Although I came to learn the mechanics of singing I've learned to be more confident, to rise above negativity and to jump whatever hurdle may present itself. Rozlyn is a patient, fun, yet stern teacher. She demands your attention and will make you accountable. Our Sessions weren't always chock full of singing but they were always full of valuable lessons. - J.B Zaloom

Rozlyn Sorrell is such an exceptional voice teacher that I drive all the way from Asheville, nine hours round-trip, for a lesson with her. She has helped me profoundly with my singing, particularly with breathing and vocal strength, and gives me greater confidence to perform. Perhaps most importantly, I feel inspired after every lesson. She teaches with her big beautiful voice from her big beautiful heart and I find myself singing all the way back to Asheville! - S.Robinson


Communicate with Confidence, Clarity and Conviction

Let’s see…your choice is public speaking or death? Some would rather die than speak in public, but it is said that 78% of fear may be reduced with preparation. Allow Vocal Precision Studio to assist you in that regard. Learn to better communicate with confidence, clarity and conviction as you master areas of concern such as enunciation, inflection, projection, presentation...and yes, even fear. Don’t wonder if it can make a difference; allow Rozlyn Sorrell, Founder/Director of Vocal Precision Studio to show you how and know for sure.

As a performer, Rozlyn has worked with renowned artists such as Barbra Streisand and Whitney Houston and is featured regularly as a soloist with the North Carolina Symphony. She has earned a MS in Special Education with a concentration in Speech for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing from Hunter College (CUNY). She incorporates years of experience as a teacher and her acute knowledge as a performing artist to assist corporate professionals in closing the deal and other professionals in improving their communication skills in general.

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NOVOZYMES - A. Monroe, North America President


As a motivational speaker, singer, life coach and mentor, I was using my voice constantly...Through the professional knowledge of Rozlyn Sorrell in how to use the larynx, body and mind to work together, I was able to recover my range and hold notes longer without losing my breath. Moreover, I am more confident when I sing or speak in public. Traveling two hours every week was worth it! I would and do encourage anyone to take classes with Vocal Precision. - Kelso Clark, Pastor

You are not only a voice coach; you are a consultant, friend, who will tell you the truth, and an encourager. As a result of your workshop, I am becoming a better speaker, presenter, coach and person. Now that I am aware of the things I need to continue to work on, the awareness moves me to change. - Sharon Council, Owner