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... Rozlyn Sorrell rocked the Temple like none other we had ever heard. The audience gave her a standing ovation during her first number. I heard a bit of Aretha and some of clear-voiced Whitney; her music started with slow, meaningful narrative and exploded into refined and polished, gusty and confident. We, the entire audience and the two of us, fell under her spell and felt like we were transported to 1962 Baltimore. - Vicki Hogan, The Sanford Herald

.. Motormouth Maybelle (Rozlyn Sorrell, who chalks up yet another show-stopper in the production's 11 o'clock number, "I Know Where I've Been.") - Byron Woods, Independent Weekly

Black Pearl Sings was a dynamically gratifying show, which showcased two exceptional performances by two stunningly creative actresses. Clark and Sorrell were sensational, playing off one another and relating divinely to each other and to us. This was an excellent production, bringing the lives of these two unusual women together in a way that was both tender and treacherous. Black Pearl Sings! is a huge success, and a splendid addition to theatre in the Park's season. Check this one out; it will have your toes tapping and your mind humming to these wonderful old songs. Alan R. Hall - -CVNC

As Pearl, Rozlyn Sorrell's well-established vocal talents are on full display, communicating captivating verve and gripping pain. She gives Pearl humorous feistiness but also touching heart, breathing life into the playwright's uneven characterization. ROY C. DICKS - News and Observer

Burning Coal Presents RUINED, a Rare and Important Production for Raleigh: Sorrell embodies Mama Nadi's take-it-or-leave-it honesty as she resists Christian and attempts to care for the women in her care. - Spencer Powell - Classical Voice of North Carolina 

War crimes onstage in Raleigh at Burning Coal Theatre's Ruined: Through little more than force of will, razor-sharp negotiating skills, personal charm and the semi-dependable supply of black-market items she gets from Christian, Mama Nadi (the captivating Rozlyn Sorrell) has staked out a provisional sanctuary on disputed territory. - Byron Woods - Independent Weekly 

Burning Coal’s “RUINED” Offers a Dose of Harsh Reality: The play, set in war-ravaged Africa, takes a look at the lives of three young women who work in a brothel and the brothel owner herself, Mama Nadi (Rozlyn Sorrell), ruled with an iron fist and a subtle hint of kindness. Susie Potter - Triangle Arts and Entertainment 

Rozlyn, Thank you again for participating in WRAL's Pops in the Park event. Your selections were perfect for our outdoor concert and you truly captivated our audience of over 7,000! The standing ovation you received was certainly well deserved! - Phyllis Parish - WRAL Senior Producer, Local Programming